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When Was the Last Time You Scared the Shit Out of Yourself?

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Going to a horror movie doesn’t count because all you’re doing is stuffing yourself with popcorn and sitting in a theater with 100 other people and you’re pretty sure nothing is going to happen to you.

But what if you were on stage and you had 100 ( or 10 people) staring at you waiting for you to sound smart or clever or funny or moving?

Being vulnerable isn’t easy but it can be exhilarating like jumping into a cold mountain lake or running your first race even though you came in last. You did it.

Maybe you’re afraid your story is nonsense or boring. Just some meanderings and weird thoughts and difficult memories. What about those funny memories of an adventure you took with a friend and found out that you can be scared and brave at the same time?

Getting on stage and telling a touching, funny, or odd story that has haunted you or at least traveled with you all these years is akin to losing 10 pounds or having your heart crack open (in a good) way just a bit more, enough to let the lightness in.

Lots of folks tell me they’re not like me—they don’t want to be seen that much or they don’t think their stories hold much meaning with others and no one will listen.

The truth is you are all like me. We all want to be seen and heard.

I wasn’t seen or heard for years, and I’m probably making up for lost time, but I encourage all of you to try storytelling. Remember, you didn’t want to jump into that cold lake or ski down your first bunny slope or tryout for chorus or cheer or softball. Or ask that gal or guy out. But you did.

So just for fun, remember a great adventure and how it went awry but in a good way. What happened? How did you feel? What did you learn if anything? If it was a long time ago, did you smile when you think about it?

So, write down as much as you can remember but stick with it for at least 15 minutes. Then tell me your story.

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