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14 Dogs & Me

Find Out Just How Crazy Dogs

(and their Humans) Can Be.

14 Dogs and Me—One Woman’s Story of Never Saying No is the story of me and the rescue dogs who challenged me to be a better human. 

I didn’t always take up the challenge. 

14 Dogs & Me—One Woman’s Story of Never Saying No is a memoir of the sixty years I spent with the rescue dogs that drove me crazy, wrecked my house and my car, sabotaged all romantic relationships, depleted my savings, and brought joy and  meaning to my life. 

As a young child, I discovered I didn’t stutter when I talked to dogs. I knew then I could never be without one.

And for the most part, I never was. When the last three terriers died, months apart, I couldn’t walk the trails without feeling something was missing. Five months later, Frida graced my life with her fierceness and royal presence.

It's what dog people do. Again and again. How lucky we are!


Kickstarter for 14 Dogs & Me

Thank you to everyone who contributed to my Kickstarter campaign. We raised over $8000 and now I can order books, do a book launch and a fundraiser for The Street Dog Coalition, and get you your books and bookmarks!


Sports Cards for Dogs!


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