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Welcome to My Blog! Let’s Walk This Road Together.

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

The best memoirs acknowledge… that they are not stories from a journey that’s over; they are updates from a road the author is still walking.

--Linda Holmes, Pop Culture Correspondent for NPR.

Your story isn’t over until you die. And even then, who knows? Maybe you come back to haunt your enemies, comfort loved ones, or return as a better human being if you were lucky enough to encounter sacred spiritual teachings.

But I do know that telling our stories, as confusing, screwed up, enlightening, amazing, and

horrifying as they may be—is how we make peace with ourselves.

This blog is dedicated to the story-seekers who want to unpack the jumble of half-remembered scenes, lies, truths, photographs, moments of déjà vu, and the good and bad memories that make us who we are.

It’s for people who want to get onstage with a powerful story and inspire others.

It’s for people who have an incredible idea and want to encourage others to jump on board.

It’s for people who want to tell their own story in print or entertain their family and friends with compelling personal stories.

It’s also an exploration of my own stories of being a stutterer, running a multiple dog household, transitioning into an aging athlete, and traveling the road to becoming a speaker and competitive storyteller.

But how do you tell a compelling personal story? That’s what we’ll probe through this blog and in upcoming Story Time meetings held once a month on Zoom. Stay tuned for details.

Let’s walk this road together.

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