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A Few Things About Me

I write, obsess about dogs, and tell personal stories on stage. At 56 years old I decided to go back to school and get a master’s degree in nonfiction writing, pursuing a lifelong dream of becoming an author. Five years later, I got up on stage and told my first true and personal story to an audience of 500. It was time I confronted the shame of my stutter.


I’ve been teaching The Heart of Story for 10 years to anyone interested in making meaning out of their personal stories. It’s what we do as human beings. We need our stories to make sense. I also teach memoir, focusing on the lens through which we tell our stories.

After realizing the traditional publishing industry was struggling with getting out the works of their
established authors throughout the COVID pandemic, I decided to self-publish. At 71, I had to focus on learning the biz while hiring editors, book designers, marketing folks, etc., all while not freaking out over how much I needed to spend.


We all know something. My goal is to encourage women to gather what they know and share it with
others. Whether it’s horses, fly fishing, office management, vegan cooking, or becoming a successful
speaker, we all know a lot about something.

Through my business, Side Porch Publishing, I hope to reach out to women over 50 contemplating
writing a nonfiction book about an expertise they have and would love to share with others.
Sign up for my blog and stay tuned for ideas and resources on how to start out!


PS. I may also talk about dogs, specifically Frida.

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